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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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on neighbors collecting evidence for hoing officials. more than 100 homeowners are getting letters from the city. more than 50 vehicles are caught in pile-ups on an interstate inirginia when the fog rolls in. a weddg in the works. prince william and his fiancee talking about their future. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. a grizzly vision along a highway. they're trying to figure out whose body was stuffed inside a box on a remote part of the interstate in frederick county. craig? >> reporter: there were several people in and around d.c. police say this victim might be one of them. the dead body was found in a cardard box along this rain-soaked highway. some state workers were here along the shoulder of i-70 westbound in frederick.
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the bo the workers noticed a box in a wooded embankment. one of thoseorkers called police. maryland state police sh down part of the interstate while police spent hours combing the brush for clues. >> the area the box was found in was very out of the way. it's a rural area, there's no houses around the embankment. it truly was about 10 to 15 feet away from the guardrail down an embankment, so obviously there is foul play involved. >> reporter: police say the adult victim did not have identification, but that's about all they're saying. they're tight-lipped about whether it was a man or a woman. >> we're not revealing anything yet about the investigation. >> reporter: but they said the homicide could be a missing person from in or around d.c. they should know mo later wednesday. >> we're waiting for the autopsy report to determine how long the body may have been in the embankment and also the cause of death. >> reporter: meanwhile,aryland state police want to talk to anne who might have seen a
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vehicle pulled over around mile marker 48 over the pastew weeks. again, the victim's body is at the medical examiner's office in baltimore. i talked to a spokesman this evening. she seemed coident that tomorrow we'll know more about how the victim died and perhaps who it is. jim, back to you. the fate o chandra levy's accud killer is in the hands of a jury now. deliberations will begin in the morning. closing arguments were heard today in therial of ingmar guandiqu his lawyer say that former california congressman gary condit has been the one acting guilty in the case, not guandique. condit was ro mantically linked to levy when she disappeared back in 2001. prosecutors closed by saying guandique's face was the last one she saw before she died. a court hearing in prince
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george's county revealed new details on the rackdown of corruption. jackie bensen has more tonight. jackie? >> reporter: it was a courtroom bombshell, a hint that a probe of two liquor store owners may have included violations that they bribed unnamed public officials. a large crowd of amrik and ravinder melhi's friends were held for mrs. melhi. the couple are accused of hiring people to help them sell untaxed liquor and cigarettes. $400,000 in cash was found in the couple'sresidence. during the hearing, prosecutors cited a wire tap of the melhi's home and dropped a tantalizing hint at at may be the next step in the investigation. >> the intimation is bribery, but the government has not given
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much. we're still very early in this case. >> i don't understanthat. >> this was amrik melhi back in 2007, the day prince george's county executive jack johnson ordered nine bars, including melhs tick-tock liquor store closed as nuisance establishments. they closed five tablishments the next day, saying the county did not provide efficient evidence. council electricity leslie johnson and jack johnson were arrested by the fbi with tamp tampering with evidence. they could link the liquor store owners to any county officials, and the county attorney had this to say. >> we're dealing with folks whose language is not necessarily the same kind of english that we hear. you know as well as anybody that you hear tapes, things mean different things.
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>> reporter: in 1985, amrik melhi was convicted in south carolina of setting up sham rriages to help immigrants get green cards. he was ordered deported at that ti. he fought that order and remained here in the united states. doreen, back to you. >> jackie bensen reporting. thank you, jackie. these pictures show the wreckage from a series of crashes in southwestern virginia today. at least 50 vehicles got caught in the pile-ups when fog rolled in on interstate 77. police say the fog led to zero visibility. rescue workers say cars were stacked on top of each other. tractor-trailers jackknifed or turned on their sides. the work to clear the vehicles and the debris continues throughout tonight. there is still me rain in the washington area tonight and we could see thunderstorms. doug kammerer is in the storm center with more on that. hi, doug. hey, doreen. we were talking last night about this storm being a strong storm
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and we would be on the warm section of that storm. and now temperatures have actually gone up in the past couple hours. we're now at 64 degrees with winds out of the south at 20 miles an hour. that tells you something is going on out there in the atmosphere and it's a storm system that's moving our way. winds out there right now, 26-mile-an-hour wind gusts in sterling, 25 in baltimore, and down toward the air force base in manass, wind gusts at 23 miles an hour. look out towards loudon. that's a line of showersnd thunderstorms that have begun to develop that will make their way to the north and east. these could provide up to 50-mile-an-hour winds. right now no severe storm warnings are in place, but there is one advisory out there, including one watch. plus i'll show you wh you'll wake up tomorrow morning. after months of speculation, britain's prince william announced his engagement today, and the world is abuzz with plans for a royal wedding.
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he popped the question last month to long-time girlfriend ka middleton. william is second in line to the thrown. he said he had carried the ring around for weeks before actually proposing. it is the same ring worn by princess diana. >> a lot of what was said was taken on board, and you have to be yourself. >> it's aboutcarving your own future and no one is trying to fill my mother's shoes and what she did is fantastic. it's about making your own future, your own destiny, and kate will do a very god job of that. >> when they marry, kate will become the first commoner to marry an english monarch since the 1600s. at the white house today, the first living soldier since the vietnam war to receive the medal of honor was celebrated. staff sergeant salvatore giunta
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was involved in a fire. he ran into the oncoming fire, killed one of the insurgents, wounded another and stopped them from taking the staff sergeant away. giunta insists he did not earn the medal alone. >> i can't wear the medal of honor for myself. i can't. it's too big for me. i can't bear this myself. it's not for me. thanks to all those people in iraq and afghanistan, all those unsung heroes. >> there's been a call for more medal of honor recipients. only eight have been awarded in iraq and afghanistan. almost 250 were given out for service in vietnam. still ahead tonight, a developing story in california. police arrest a former survivor producer seven months after his fe's murder in a mexican resort. and residents looking at
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college students in their neighborhood said many of them have been renting apartments illegally. that story coming up. some teamed up with wounded warriors in order to get back on their feet. he heads to canton flowing his record-setting route of the redskins. the wildcats feast on the hokies in a basketball with capital one bank's new checking with rewards, me and the boys earn rewards just for everyday banking. like getting money from the drive thru. and taking out cash at e bank.
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stomp. federal agents arrested someone accused of killing his wife in mexico. he was charged with killinhis wife in a cancun resort where they were staying earlier this year. her body was found in a sewage
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drain. he is in an l.a detention center right now. he'll make a court appearance tomorrow. scientists in aruba are testing a piece of bone to see if it could be part of the remains of natalee holloway. she is an american teenager who turned up missing five years ago. her remains have never been found. authorities say they don't have enough evidence to charge a man med joran van der sloot. he's the only suspect in her disappearance. they found a jaw bone on the beach. if it does turn out to be the remains of holloway, it would be the first concrete evidence of her death. there is word tonight that the makers of the drink ur loko will change their recipe. authorities in several states are working to ban the drink which containslcohol and caffeine. it's been named blackout in a can. they announce they will remove
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caffeine from its recipe. cming up tonight, we'll tell you why collection agents could be using your facebook page against you. the beetles hold out
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a two-month spying operation in georgetown is dividing a neighborhood tonight. the issue has nothing to do with state secrets, ratherhether college students have moved into places illegally. john shifrin is in the neighborhood with more on this now. john? >> repter: jim, as a safety precaution, the d.c. department of consumer and regulatory affairs are launching this major investigation into whether college students are renting apartments here in georgetown illegally. this is an investigation that was sparked by a tip from fed-up neighbor >> it is, it is a big business for inveors and landlords. >> reporter: according to the citizens association, for aund $600 a mon, college students can rent out one of these houses located just blocks from
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georgetown university's campus. >> we went house to hoe and did a survey and found out how many were group rentals. we found out many of those rental houses did t have basic business licenses. >> reporter: in fact, 144 illegal rentals were reported to the bureau of national affairs. >> the money they're paying for these rentals, they could easily pay for campus housing and tey would be on campus having the campus expience, which i think is what they're looking for. >> reporter: buteorgetown students we talked to said the campus housing are hot commodities which are gone by the fall. even though many residents put the blame on the university, georgetown says it shares the neighbors' ccerns about students living in unsafe conditions and illegal rental properties. >> we make sure they are aware of properties that have basic business licenses, those that are certified by dcra. we make sure through our
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oriention programs, when students begin to live off campus, they're aware of these issues when they sign rental contracts. they're aware of the questions to ask. >> they do a good job of making sure we know what we're looking for, and i think the onus is on e student to make sure the actual license is in place and all that. >> reporter: about two weeks ago, they sent out letters to these landlords asking to have their premise inspected so they can get their business licens the dcra says if the landlords do not respond ex week, an instigation will begin and these landlords could face a fine of $2,000 per month. john, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, john. legal experts say facebook isot the place to show off a new car and other expensive purchases, particularly if you owe money. debt collectorz are checking on people's finances by looking at status updates, twitter and facebook messages. those claiming to be in poverty
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by not paying their bills may have evidence to the contrary on line. >> what you don't nt to do is put specifics in there like, say, about your new vacation home. or do not put on there about your new job and bragging about your bonus. >> it gets murk when it comes to debt collectors looking on line, but there are protection about colleors hassling people. what a rainy, dreary, miserable y. >> now we have a ton to talk about. we have theain that's out there right now, the fog that was out there a little earlier. now the strong thunderstorms that are about to come through the area and then the wind on the back side of this system, a lot going on as a powerful system is moving just to our west. look at this shot. just a gorgeous shot this evening from our cty cam. temperatures, believe it or not, at 11:00 at night in the middle of november, it is 64 degre.
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that's the temperature out there. the temperatures continue to rise tonight. the average is 58, and we're well above average. we've seen a half-inch ofain in the last 12 hours, and i thk more rain is on the way for some areas. wind out of the south at 20 miles an hour, and we've seen winds gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour already in couple of locations. 63 in frederick. it was 53 in frederick around 6: this afternoon. now it's 63 degrees, a ten-degree temperature rise because of this frontal boundary just off to the west. 24 miles an hour in frederick, 25 in baltimore and 28 miles an hour in annapolis. do not be surprised tomorrow morning if you're driving in to work or sending the kids off to the school bus to see a couple downed branches. we have showers out there and a couple thunderstorms. one loud thunderstorm right now in faulk county, some into virginia. some of these have the potential
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for even 50-mi-an-hour wind gusts. down toward montville, this is where one of the bigger storms is down in here. this does have lightning associated with it and the big problem could be lightning and very strong winds. this one just to the west of warr warren. i would not be surprised to see 30 to 40-mile-an-hour winds out of this. rain during the day today. here's that area of low pressure well off to the west, so we are definitely in the warm sector. tomorrow the cold front will swing on through and then it's just wind. that wind will be howling out of the west and northwest, 15 to 25, maybe upward of 30 miles an hour during the day. still breezy on yourhursday but not a bad day on your thursday and a wind advisory in effect back to the west including hagerstown in the higher peaks, maybe 50-mile-an-hour winds, and that's aft the thunderstorms move out. thunder and clouds moving out tomorrow.
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49 degrees depend ing on where you are. winds out of the west at 15 to 20 miles an hour with gusts up to 30 to 35 and now we can calm down. thursday, 57. a little on the cool side but with plenty of sunshine, not a bad day. friday with a high of 57. saturday and sunday no look great. a great-looking weekend and warming up again as we head into next week. this is going to be fairly similar to storms i think we see most of winter long. warm-sided storms. still ahead tonight, why some people's noses might be getting in the way of their diet. [ beeping ]
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i talked tie lot of people today, an amazing number who turned thetv off at the end of the first quter. and they were so afraid it was going to be like it was a few years ago, remember,people went to bed and they scored all those touchdowns. >> the redskins were down by 35 points miay into the game. the eagles just unbelievable. >> shocking. >> what michael vick did last night was truly amazing. on the night donovan mcnabb wanted to be the guy leading the skins to another victory, he was overshadowed by michael vick today vick has been honored as nfl player of the week. his jersey fro the game going to the hall of ame. unable to get any pressure on him, he simply dominated. on this touchdown pass to vick, look all the time he has.
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he's sending e-mails in the pocket. four touchdowns. also ran for 80 yards and two sces, so he moves past steve young into second place in nfl history for yar rushing by a quarterback. donovan mcnabb gave his praises but it was hard, after the game. >> i'm happy for him. i'm just happy by the way he's continued to pgress and have confidence in himself and stayin humble. i think that's the most important thing and good things have happened for him. >> before he couldn't make those throws, he couldn't, you know, do thehings in the pocket like he was able to do. he always could run, but now, i mean, nobodylse has a weapon like him in the national football league. >> my, how things can change. fletcher makes a great point. people have never seen this.
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announcers, players, coaches. everybody is saying this is historic. moving on to basketball, the wizards hostedhe raptors tonight, and with john wall out nursing an injured left foot, gilbert arenas got the start. it was his first start since last january. he said it felt like it's been a good four years since he's really played basketball, but he approached it trying to give the same spark he's been trying to give off the bench. he said he just wanted to make an impact tonight for his team. it didn't take long to make his presence known. gilbert on the wing. he drains a three-pointer and the wizards are up 1-0. raptors get the steal up the basket. curt hinrich gives it right back. hinrich had 13 points, 12 assists for the double double. nick young had a huge game
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tonight. picked up the loose ball. he's all alone, takes it down for a dunk. a very, very happy john wall there celebrating. the wizards topped the raptors 99-124. in manhattan, kansas, k state players. doing his dace. we pick things up in the second half. the score tied at 38. virginia tech's malcolm delaney hits the threeointer to put the hokies ahead. later in the second, kansas state ahead by one. rodney mcgrudermisses, but tek can't get the rebound. state getting chance after chance. four in total they're able to extend their lead. tech was out rebounded 28-21. four minutes left. d.c. native jim r. samuels.
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kansas state over virginia tech 73-57. a reason ♪
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eating even after their full. when it came to non-food smells, subjects had less sensitive noses than their leaner colleagues. a group of wounded warrio went to ash burn, virginia today to work out with some of the skins. part of the team's rehabbing with the troops program. for six weeks, soldiers who were injured in battle will work out by way of webm with pro athletes. they'll use thenew nfl training mp game with nintendo wii which simulates training drill [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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